What is CrossFit: Central Coast Style?

Are you bored with the boring, non-competitive spirit you often find at commercial gyms or even worse, do you hate working out alone? Maybe you’re planning to invest in your physical health (again!) and are looking for an effective training program that will excite your imagination as well as your muscle mass. We think Cross Fit might just be the fitness-focused program for you.

CrossFit training programs incorporate into one, all the best functional movements of various other fitness regimens that include: weightlifting, running, rowing and gymnastics.

What makes CrossFit such a superb fitness program?

Thousands of people worldwide have adopted CrossFit as their training programme of choice? With so many different ways to achieve optimum health and fitness, why CrossFit?

“I have made some awesome friends” – MELISSA BROOMFIELD, 2 years CrossFit
I have been CrossFiting for 2 years in March I feel I have had lots of changes but if I had to pick my biggest it would have to be my motivation. CrossFit has had a huge impact on this and it gives me the motivation to tackle my day and achieve the things I need to do. read more

“Push my mind as well as my body” – SIMON BENNET, 5 years CrossFit
In total I’ve been doing Crossfit for 5yrs with some time off after some surgery. One of the big changes I’ve noticed is an ability to be versatile in my training and being able to push my mind as well as my body. read more.

What can you expect at a CrossFit session?

A typical Cross Fit session lasts between 1 hour and is a personal Coaches group session. A session will comprise different segments:

  • Dynamic warm-up. This session includes stretching and functional movements such as jumping, lunges and squats.
  • Strength work. On a strength day the focus is on proper strength movements – squats and deadlifts. Non-strength days are dedicated to improving skills where you may do muscle-ups.
  • Workout of the day. This segment of the class is devoted to the prescribed workout of the day. You may be instructed to repeatedly perform a number of exercises as fast as possible or you are given a certain amount of time to do as many exercises as you can.
  • Cool down. The last segment is for stretching either alone or with others.

If you are looking to build stamina and strength, improve flexibility and balance, want to introduce your body to weight training or simply just want to meet like-minded people who are going to push you to be the best “you”, then CrossFit is what you’re looking for. Train the way tactical operations teams and professional martial artists do.

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