The first step at crossfit plus regardless of your ability is our ‘Intro Session’. the 15-20min intro sessions are a totally free session. (no committment required) Scheduled in advance this session will introduce you to the Plus Health Fitness Performace world, we will assess your ability and strength and offer advice on the perfect way for you to introduce CrossFit classes into your life.

From Stage 1 - we have designed our 'On Ramp' program as the perfect transition into our Base Classes & Private Coaching programs.

Testimonials & Case Studies

  • The Team at Crossfit Plus are great. They live and breathe the fitness industry, and have passion to improve the lives of their clients with fitness, nutrition and mindset advice. True leaders in their industry, and highly recommended to anyone in the central coast community

    Aussie Strength
  • Thanks again for that mate, I really enjoyed tonight. Such a great gym you have mate. Can’t wait until I am apart of that!!!!

    Ryan F
  • You have created an awesome community and place to train Thanks heaps for getting me started in my CrossFit journey.

    Kathryn L
  • “Before CrossFit @ “Plus” I went to a standard gym and did classes and the cardio machines 6 times a week. I always thought CrossFit was just heavy weights and big guys but my friend introduced me to Plus Health Fitness Performance and from the first class I did there I LOVED it. Every day it’s a different workout and my body is constantly being pushed to the limit and getting stronger. I also love the community, you get to know everyone there and it’s such a fun, uplifting, supportive environment. I always turn up to “Plus” excited and leave feeling sweaty and alive!”

    Brittany Dean
  • Man today was awesome. I haven’t pushed myself that hard. Such a good workout today. Thanks for all the support all the time. You are doing a fantastic job.

    Thomas T
  • Hey mate - thanks for the encouraging postcard. Loving the training, Coaching and friendships at plus. Appreciate it all.

  • I love the GS! and is the perfect amount of work and the workouts have paired well with all the classes! Whatever you guys are doing now is working, because I got 3 of my goals last week woooo (well for a few reps at least...) -Double unders -Rope climbs -TTB Loving all the sessions guys, thank you!

    Lily McLachlan
  • “Sometimes we don't understand the coaching or the program we are on. But when u realised what a difference it has made. It all finally made sense. Things I could do with ease that I struggled with before.” So thanks coach

  • Corey, you and every other member of your CrossFit facility have been awesome in making both Isaiah and myself feel welcome at the box. By coming to your classes I felt at ease and am slowly starting to gain confidence back.

  • I want you to know that having met you and found this group has had such a positive effect on me, more than I thought it would. I developed the confidence to not only buy but wear gym tights/pants. I have improved my diet and nutrition to the point where like I admitted last night, I feel off the wagon and did have an ice cream but didn't enjoy it and then the way it made me feel physically ill reaffirmed that it's really not right to be putting that stuff inside my body (Doesn't mean I won't fall off the wagon again because I'm sure I will but I know I can recover) and it has improved my headspace immensely. Even to the point where I wanted to return against the Dr's recommendation because it is such a positive and motivating space. Figured it would help me push through the sickness barrier. Anyway, I don't want to be disruptive to you or any of the other ladies participating but do want to maximize my opportunity. I'm also considering whether or not I continue with your gum after the 6 weeks, but honestly have to weigh up the expense moving forward. I appreciate the change you have facilitated (as does my partner because it is noticeable) and respect you in your capacity as a Coach and business owner/operator. Cheers Jody


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More info – ‘ON RAMP’ PROGRAM

Firstly, we will require you to schedule your free ‘Intro Session’ and then either proceed right into our CrossFit group classes, a private skill session or book a spot in our On-Ramp Program.
Whether you have been inactive, generally active, or an elite athlete, our ‘On Ramp’ class is tailored to prepare you for technical proficiency.

During this time you will be introduced to our movement curriculum, including squats, push-ups, deadlifts, medicine ball cleans, Cleans, presses, etc.

The ‘On Ramp’ program will be either ‘one on one’ or in our small group setting – NO more then 6 other beginners.

The emphasis is on movement and technique along with a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our group CrossFit classes. Our On-Ramp sessions will allow you to integrate smoothly and safely into our regular CrossFit group classes at a time convenient to you.

Upon completion, you will be able to attend any of the scheduled CrossFit sessions as a regular, become a CrossFit Session Pass Holder or simply pay a drop in fee. Also on conclusion of the ‘On-Ramp’ Program you will be given a free week pass, that allows you to take part in any of our scheduled CrossFit classes, during the following week.

Please contact us on 0439 339 422 or drop us an email: corey@crossfitplus.com, to book in for our On Ramp™ Program.

Already started CrossFit?

For those of you who have been doing CrossFit for a little while by following the WODs online or at an other Affiliate Crossfit location, If you come in low key, acceptably dressed and respectful and are shown to have sound technique you may very well be able to go straight into our CrossFit group classes right away with or with just a few private skill sessions at our Coaches discretion.

For most people the biggest hurdle is handling the intensity of a group atmosphere. It doesn’t take long to adjust, but the first workout or two seems to be daunting, after a short time to adjust you’ll fit in & be comfortable.

Book in for your free assessment to find out the best way to start your life long journey to building the best you, you can.

Private Coaching – Precise Skill Sessions

The Private Coaching skill session is used as a reviser to fast track you into our group classes.

This is for people who have experienced CrossFit movements before and will not need the full ‘On Ramp’; this will be at Coaches discretion. Your progress in the skill session will determine weather or not you will need an additional follow up skill session.

During this time you will be introduced to our movement curriculum, including squats, push-ups, deadlifts, medicine ball cleans, Cleans, presses, etc.

Please contact us on 0439 339 422 or drop us an email: info@crossfitplus.com, to start training with us today.