Accessory work: This is any type of movement that will get the body primed and ready for exercise. Some accessory exercises include glute bridges, DB rows etc.

Weightlifting: Now that the muscles are primed and ready for overload, we will start working on the specific exercise of the day. Each day we hit a specific exercise to perfect the movement and progress further in range of motion, technique and complexity. Some examples of weightlifting exercises are Snatch, Clean and Jerk.

Conditioning: The last component to any great workout is a conditioning session. Using the core weightlifting exercise we just learned, combined with progressive or supplementary exercises we will move into a circuit style routine to promote advancements in strength and conditioning.

The compound movements will serve as your foundation of strength – enabling progression and strength, while the supplemental exercises will assist in greater range of motion, workout deficiencies and lower rates of injury.

Weightlifting is all about form and function. The two work together to create powerful, progressive and heavy lifts. Come checkout a weightlifting class for a great workout, community environment and knowledgeable coaches who motivate you to push yourself. Let us critique and guide you through the most effective, efficient and safest ways to, Snatch, Clean & Jerk and all the in between.  

Why weightlifting?

The benefits of complex weightlifting are immense. Weight Lifting will help you to lose weight, build muscle, reduce the risk of injury, improve posture and even enhance mood and reduce stress. Each exercise is specifically completed to target specific strength in a certain part of the body. Some of the most common exercises and their target areas are;

Snatch: Glutes, Traps/Posterior Delts, Hamstrings, Shoulders, Low back
Clean: Shoulders, Hamstrings, Abdominals, Quad group. Low back
Jerk: Shoulders, Back, Chest, Abdominals, Hamstrings

Each movement works to strengthen a specific system, but requires complete balance and whole-body strength to be performed properly. A qualified coach can help you to optimize form through perfect movement sequences.

Come join us at Plus Health Fitness Performance – a CrossFit Tribe focussed on helping everyone see the benefits of effective and functional exercise, making you awesome at life.

*Class runs weekly, on Saturday mornings @ 0700