Catch up on what you have missed, practice new skills, work a weakness or do some mobility/Flexibility. Simply hit a workout you have been waiting to tackle,
get some feedback from other athletes or other Coaches who might be using Open Gym time also.
During this time there will be a Certified CrossFit coach present for your safety, however you will be working un-Coached. This is not a time to try to get personal Coaching from the Coach in charge, unless he/she offers it (and likely they will!). If you are looking for personal Coaching, a service we offer, just simply speak with one of the Plus Coaching staff.
Open Gym is available to members only at Coaches discretion and FREE to those who are unlimited pass holders. All other members, a payment of $15 is required per Open visit.

Open Gym times are available most days, please see staff for full details.

  • You may upgrade your membership at any time if you would like FREE use of Open Gym session
  • Pre-arrangement is best to make sure you can obtain access, see one of the Plus Coaching Staff