Our ‘Plus’ Endurance class is an endurance sports specific training session tailored towards improving performance, fitness, and your endurance capability. It varies from conventional long, slow distance training by eliminating needless volume and rather focusing on proper technique and increased intensity. This against the norm style training, decreases your risk of injury while making you a faster, more efficient runner.

The program is running specific, but tightly incorporated with CrossFit values including: Olympic lifts, powerlifting, gymnastic movements, explosive/plyometric activity, and flexibility/mobility-based support.

This establishment of strength and conditioning helps with the development of power and speed while reducing recovery time, decreasing potential injury, while protecting lean tissue and creating a more maintainable performance curve—all critical elements to a successful endurance training system.
Plus Endurance class teaches the pose method.
Running weekly on Wednesday @ 0545.

Please enquire for further details.
Ph.: 0439 339 422
Email: Info@crossfitplus.com